NexSpring is committed to the belief that the strongest network of mortgage loan originators can be developed by leveraging the under-utilized entrepreneurial spirit that already drives the best loan officers. By providing tools to enable these loan officers to maximize their potential, NexSpring will build a uniquely valuable, high-quality origination distribution network.


NexSpring’s turnkey origination platform will enable entrepreneurial local loan officers to focus on building and servicing their borrower relationships to the greatest extent possible. We will provide powerful borrower-facing technology and a robust set of centralized services to maximize our members’ time spent selling.

Network Member Value

Financial: NexSpring network members will have the opportunity to materially enhance their income as business owners compared to commission-based loan officer compensation and enjoy the other financial benefits of building their own businesses.

Ease of doing business: In addition to providing a turn-key technology platform and comprehensive suite of origination services, NexSpring will provide “start-up” and ongoing business administration services to reduce the friction involved in loan officers establishing their own businesses.

Unique access to best-in-class, custom-branded consumer-facing website: Origination network members can leverage the NexSpring platform to drive greatly enhanced consumer experience and satisfaction rates leading to increased customer loyalty and an expanded referral network.

Diversified sales strategy: The NexSpring platform can be deployed to enable a traditional loan officer-driven sales model and/or extension into a direct-to-consumer sales model.

More competitive rates and products: We believe that NexSpring’s operating scale in addition to active, professional management of our select lender partner network will result in more attractive rates and products for network-sourced borrowers as the network grows.

Other benefits: Additional benefits include centralized regulatory compliance and Quality Control policies and practices that will drive quality and consistency across the origination network in addition to access to a high-tech/high touch business intelligence platform to help members profitably grow their businesses.